Breakdown Showreel

Compositing Breakdown of past shots

Compositing Showreel 2015

Included are mostly commercial spots. Contribution: tracking, compositing, on most of them also set supervising.

Motion Graphics Showreel 2015

Motion graphic design with a tight production shedule


3D projects


I'm Spiros, a senior Compositing artist with over a decate CGI production experience in the entertainment industry. Since 2011 I'm living in Austria, working on vfx for broadcast, feature film and the web.

Having a passion for CGI and storytelling, I love creating narrative visuals and explore both the artistic and technical sides of projects. With a background in traditional illustration, 3d and motion graphic design as well as a lifelong interest in science and technology, my goal is to bring ideas to life and tackle any creative challenges along the way, adapting to a variety of artistic styles, techniques and workflows.


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